Several of my recordings of Indian ceremonies were used in this song to portrait the beautiful and chaotic nature of religious gatherings during Indian festivals.

Really happy about the soundtrack I wrote for this new exciting video about the festivals in India. India is unique and very complex and trying to express how I feel about it musically has been quite a ride.

The idea for this track came to me while I was staying in the remote village of Chheneng in Cambodia.

The villagers next door were having a wedding. In the song, the man you hear talking through a speakerphone is the MC hosting the ceremony. His monotonous voice was all I heard, without intermission, for two days. Those endless nights had a peculiar atmosphere.

Eventually came the time to feast and the cries of the pig…

Artwork by Maude Plante-Husaruk

Last short film I scored about the nomad Tumur, preparing for winter in northern Mongolia.

I composed the music & sound for this beautiful poetic short-film about the highest cheese factory in the world, located in the mountains of the Himalaya in Nepal.

Travel Diaries - Little Cambodians know how to steal the show. Played some music for them in the floating village of Kompong Luong.


A fire to warm the cold nights of northern Mongolia.


A fire to warm the cold nights of northern Mongolia.

The story behind the piano recording heard in my song Innate.

First single from my upcoming album (spring 2014).

The piano was recorded in St-John’s church in Kolkata (Calcutta), India.
See this blog post:

Thank you Johnny Purty, you’re one of the most interesting man I’ve ever met and you can certainly rock the organ like no one else!

Artwork/Photography by Maude Plante-Husaruk

"When I saw the scale of the spoils
Your bare-naked feet blend with soil
The noise of the street drowning us
I wanted out”

Dear friends and listeners,

The time has come for me to release a new project with music crafted from sounds and ideas collected during my travels.

I could try to put into words what you need to know, but this new video I put together for you is more meaningful than a few words on page.

The first single will be released within the next few weeks along with a short-film.

You can follow on Facebook and Youtube to be notified when the music & videos are released.

If you share my excitement, I’d be honoured if you shared my project with your friends & family! :)